Imagining Byzantium


"Imagining Byzantium - Perception, Patterns, Problems in Eastern an Southeastern Europe
(19th - 20th centuries)"

International Conference

Mainz, March 2 - 4, 2017

During the rise of national movements in Europe, debates arose about history and the respective historical narratives, which aimed at establishing new political orders. At the same time the meaning and significance of the Byzantine millennium was discussed as a possible reference point for imagining and constructing new collective and national identities. Our research group “The Legacies of Byzantium” investigates the impact and reception of Byzantine history and culture in 19th and 20th century Europe and its usage as an argument. The focus of the conference lies on Eastern and Southeastern Europe as a political, cultural and religious bridge between Orient and Occident. Therefore, we would like to discuss in which way scientific, ecclesiastical and political elites dealt with (pseudo-)Byzantine items, narratives, and paradigms in various contexts in order to strengthen their own identity, to stage or legitimize their power as well as to justify certain political strategies.

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